The Tails team has announced availability of Tails 3.15, latest stable update of amnesic incognito live system. This release includes important security updates and critical bug fixes.

About Dialog in Tails 3.15 About Dialog in Tails 3.15

The main highlights of Tails 3.15 release includes,

  • The Tor Browser has been updated to 8.5.4, which provides better secure browsing capability. Beside the Tor Browser, Tails also includes an unsafe browser for which traffic is not routed through Tor network.
  • Thunderbird - the email client has been updated to version 60.7.2.
  • Fixed the issue with second boot in certain computers.
  • Display an error message in the Unlock VeraCrypt Volumes utility when closing a volume fails because the volume is being used
  • Fix the issue when starting through Heads boot firmware.

The original release announcement for Tails 3.15 is available in project’s website.

Following section showcases some screenshots captured in Tails 3.15.

Video Preview

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