Mr. Rudra Saraswat has announced the release of Ubuntu Unity 20.10 Groovy Gorilla. With the Yaru icon theme and Papirus Gtk theme, Ubuntu Unity 20.10 provides a decent user experience, and it will be a fair choice for people who miss the compactness and elegance of the Unity shell.

Ubuntu Unity 20.10 Preview

Ubuntu Unity 20.10 offers all enhancements from the Ubuntu Groovy baseline, along with Unity specific fixes and customizations. The following are the noteworthy highlights in Ubuntu Unity 20.10 release.

  • Linux Kernel 5.8.
  • GRUB is available in both BIOS and UEFI.
  • Added compizconfig-settings-manager (CCSM) and many Compiz plugins and effects.
  • The default theme changed to Arc-darker.
  • New default Groovy Gorilla wallpaper
  • Included Yaru-Purple theme and icon theme for Unity by Neffscape.
  • Added Numix-circle icon theme as an option, although Papirus remains the default.
  • Some bug fixes.

For further reading, proceed to Ubuntu Unity 20.10 release notes published on the project’s official website.

Ubuntu Unity 20.10 screenshots

These screenshots are captured on beta image of Ubuntu Unity 20.10. The experience might slightly differ in the final release, especially the wallpaper

Video Preview

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