The deepin team has announced the release of deepin 15.11, latest stable update of Debian based, GNU/Linux distribution coming with a professional desktop experience. This release includes some new features, and a lot of bug fixes and enhancemnts. With these bug fixes and performance improvements, deepin 15.11 is expected to deliver a more reliable user experience.

Improved deepin-kwin in deepin 15.11 Improved deepin-kwin in deepin 15.11

Deepin 15.11 introduces Cloud Sync configuration in Control Center and direct disc burning option in File Manager. Also, there are some criticial bug fixes included in kwin window manager and rest of the system to provide a smoother and better user experience.

The main highlights of deepin 15.11 release are listed below.

  • The support for unstable version has been dropped officially. Users running unstable system are supposed to migrate to stable release, once it is available.
  • dde-kwin is updated with dozens of bug fixes. It more lighter now.
  • The deepin store is now able to identify user’s location based on their login-id or using IP address if the former is not available.
  • With the Cloud Sync feature, users can opt-in to backup their configurations and customizations to a cloud platform. This requires a signing in using deepin account. The Cloud Sync feature is now enabled for China users only. In near future, it will be enabled for all users.
  • Disc burning feature is now integrated with deepin file manager. Users can directly choose to burn files into disc using the right-click menu.
  • Deepin Movie player is now able to load subtitle files using drag & drop feature.
  • The battery indicator in deepin dock now shows the capacity and remaining time on hover.

You can read complete list of bug fixes and improvements included in deepin 15.11, in projects official blog.

Following section showcases some screenshots captured on deepin 15.11.

Video Preview

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