The Mageia community has announced the release of Mageia 7, latest stable release of independent GNU/Linux distribution carrying the legacy of old Mandriva Linux. This release includes several enhancements, improved features, and updated packages.

Mageia 7 Plasma Desktop Preview A quick impression of Mageia 7 Desktop

Magiea 7 release includes classical installers with both 32-bit and 64-bit varieties. It also includes live media with Plasma, GNOME, and Xfce desktop environments. In addition to these desktops, most of the popular desktop environments and window managers are easily accessible in Mageia repositories.

With updated Linux Kernel and other driver packages, Mageia 7 provides better support for modern hardware, hybrid graphics card, and Wayland. Also, Mageia 7 improves the gaming experience.

The main highlights of Mageia 7 include,

  • Updated packages like kernel 5.1.14, rpm 4.14.2, dnf 4.2.6, Mesa 19.1, Plasma 5.15.4, GNOME 3.32, Xfce 4.14pre, Firefox 67, Chromium 73, LibreOffice 6.2.3
  • An improved welcome screen which simple and easier to follow.
  • Mageia 7 will continue to use dnfdragora and other package management tools from the Fedora & OpenSUSE ecosystem. Also, Zchunk-compressed metadata for DNF and PackageKit is added, to enable fetching repository metadata updates so as to conserve bandwidth usage.

More details are available on Mageia 7 release announcement. We provide some Mageia 7 screenshots in the following section.

Video Preview

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