The PCLinuxOS team has announced the release of PCLinuxOS 2019.06, the latest stable snapshot of independent GNU/Linux distribution moving in a unique way.

The PCLinuxOS team often refers to their distribution as very cool, so that ice cubes are jealous. The title of this post is derived from that idea.

PCLinuxOS 2019.06 release includes a full-fledged Plasma Edition, a minimal Plasma Edition, and a MATE edition. In this post, we are planning to explore the full-fledged Plasma Edition. This release comes with Linux Kernel 5.1.10 and other updates from Plasma eco-system.

The full-fledged Plasma Edition, KDE Full Edition comes with several applications in the default installation. These applications includes, LibreOffice, Timeshift, VLC, MPV, darktable, openshot, Gwenview, KODI, bleachbit, digiKam ..etc.

Some selected screens of PCLinuxOS 2019.06 are given below.

Video Preview

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