The Sparky Linux team has announced the release of Sparky Linux 4.9 Tyche, a minor update in project’s 4.x series. This series is based on the Debian Stretch branch and is evolved around the Openbox Window Manager. The Sparky Linux 4.9 release is dedicated to celebrate the 100 years of independence of Poland, the country from which Sparky Linux is originated.

Sparky 4.9 celebrates Poland's 100 years of independence

Sparky Linux 4.9 is available in multiple varieties. The full-featured variety features the lightweight LXDE desktop along with a set of basic applications. The MinimalGUI edition provides a basic Openbox setup and gives more flexibility to users for installing their own packages. While the MinimalCLI edition gives a text-based installer and allows to install the base system with a desktop and a minimal set of applications.

In addition to the desktop edition, Sparky Linux 4.9 armhf gives a fully featured operating system for single board mini computers RaspberryPi; with the Openbox window manager as default; and a minimal, text mode CLI image to customize it as you like.

There is a special 100th Anniversary Edition

In order to appreciate the 100th Independence Anniversary of Poland, the Sparky Linux team has created a special edition with code name 100. In addition to the base features, it includes links to various Polish history documents, and include special wallpapers and theme. The 100th-anniversary background will be visible on the desktop, login screen, boot screen and on GRUB.

What’s different in Sparky Linux 4.9?

The main highlights of Sparky Linux 4.9 are briefed below.

  • full system upgrade from Debian stable repos as of November 8, 2018
  • Linux kernel 4.9.110 (PC)
  • Linux kernel 4.14.71 (ARM)
  • added key bindings for configuring the monitor brightness (Openbox)
  • added key bindings for the system sound (Openbox & LXDE)
  • added cron configuration to APTus Upgrade Checker
  • xfce4-power-manager for power management
  • sparky-libinput for the tap to click configuration for touchpads
  • xfce4-notifyd for desktop notifications
  • ‘sparky-artwork-nature’ package features 10 more new nature wallpapers of Poland

You can also read the Sparky Linux 4.9 release announcement in the project’s website.