The Amarok Linux team announced the release of Amarok Linux 22.09. The Amarok Linux 22.09 introduces a new application that makes it easier to install NVidia drivers. The nvidia-x11-config application helps the users to install and configure the system without any hassles. Also with NVidia prime, users can switch between NVidia graphics cards and integrated system graphics cards.

Amarok Linux 22.09 featured image

What’s new in Amarok Linux 22.09?

  • All the non-free firmware has been updated from the upstream repositories.
  • Linux 5.15 LTS is the default kernel.
  • The IPTV application Hypnotix is ​​now included by default.
  • Introduces OnlyOffice 7.2 to cater to the office suite needs.
  • Firefox 105
  • Grub 2.06-4
  • Telegram Desktop 4.1.1

Download Amarok Linux 22.09

Amarok Linux 22.09 is available on the project’s official website for download. Users may choose a MATE or LXQt flavor from the download page.

Download Amarok Linux 22.09

Video Preview

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