On 28th October 2019, the Archlabs team has announced the release of Archlabs 2019.10.28. It is a stable update of Arch-based GNU/Linux distribution inspired by Bunsenlabs.

The Archlabs team is creating a stable snapshot after 9 months. In addition to the usual package updates, it includes some visible changes such as updated wallpaper, redesigned system theme, replacement of tint2 panel with polybar ..etc.

Archlabs background Updated wallpaper in Archlabs 2019.10.28

According to the official release announcement published on Github, the noteworthy highlights in this release are listed below.

  • archlabs-installer has been updated to version 2.1.
    • the installer won’t gobble stderr when redirecting it for error handling
    • live session setup flag + more (see –help)
    • live session now available. instructions are available when you boot the iso.
    • jwm has been added as option to the wm/de install.
  • updated wallpaper, a slice of home for dobbie.
  • overhauled UI by the way of updated themes.
  • tint2 has replaced polybar as the default panel in the openbox and bspwm sessions.
    • jgmenu is the tint2 application launcher.
    • i3wm and dwm use their respective default status bars
  • baph our in house aur helper is now its own package.
  • general improvements and bug fixes

You can read Archlabs 2019.10.28 release notes on project’s Github page.