The Devuan development team is excited to unveil the latest achievement in their journey - the launch of Devuan Daedalus 5.0.0, marking it as the new stable release for the project. This momentous milestone is the result of tireless efforts spanning several months by the dedicated Devuan Team, complemented by rigorous testing carried out by the wider Devuan community. Devuan is a GNU/Linux distribution project that utilizes the Debian packages, but offers a systemd free operating system.

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What’s Fresh in Devuan 5 Daedalus?

The Devuan 5.0 release introduces several new features and improvements, enhancing user experience and system functionality. Two notable additions are:

Rootless startx now utilizes libseat1

In the Devuan Daedalus 5.0.0 release, a noteworthy enhancement has been introduced to the rootless startx functionality. This enhancement involves the integration of libseat1, which brings along an array of benefits. The startx change enhances the user experience and paves the way for smoother and more efficient operations.

Sway (Wayland) GUI sans elogind

The Devuan 5 Daedalus release also introduces an exciting development in the graphical user interface realm. Users can now experience the Sway GUI on Wayland, and the remarkable aspect is that it is achieved without the dependency on elogind. This move not only streamlines the system but also offers users a unique and efficient way to interact with their devices.

The latest Debian Base

Devuan 5.0 Daedalus is based on Debian 12 Bookworm. It also includes Linux kernel 6.1 and other exciting package updates.

How to Obtain Devuan 5 Daedalus

Getting your hands on the groundbreaking Devuan 5 Daedalus release is a straightforward process. You can easily download it from the official Devuan website, where you’ll find comprehensive instructions to guide you through the installation process. The website also provides valuable resources and support to ensure a seamless transition to this new release. For further information, see the Devuan 5.0 release announcement on projects website.

Devuan 3.0 Quick Preview (Archive)

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