The Devuan community has announced the release of Devuan ASCII 2.1. It is a point release in the 2.x series. In addition to the usual package updates, Devuan 2.0 offers the option to install OpenRC init manager in non-expert installation.

Busy Desktop in Devuan 2.0 ASCII

What is Devuan?

If this is the first time you hear about Devuan, it a fork of Debian without the sin of systemd. It provides an alternative init manager to the users and thus gives them more freedom. You can find more about Devuan GNU/Linux in our gallery.

What is new in Devuan 2.1 ASCII?

As mentioned earlier, Devuan 2.1 ASCII is a point release in the project’s 2.x series. The main highlights of this point release are briefed below.

  • The installer provides the option to select OpenRC more prominently. It no longer requires expert installation. However, the expert mode should be used for installing an alternate bootloader like (lilo) or for excluding non-free packages.
  • Linux Kernel - 4.9.0-9
  • Firefox Browser 60.8.0esr-1

The official release announcement for Devuan ASCII 2.1 (Dead Link) is available on the project’s website.

Devuan 2.0 ASCII Xfce screenshots