The elementary team has announced shipping of first set of updates in 2017 for most celebrated release of project, elementary OS 0.4 Loki. These updates includes fixes for bugs detected in after the base release and also includes some new features.

elementary OS Preview

Main highlights of elementary Loki update can be summarized as follows:

  • Photos : The biggest change with Photos, the image viewer application in elementary, is a revamped meta bar which lists image details in a more human readable way. It includes image resolution, camera details, and image location details in a more friendly manner. Other changes are inclusion of new keyboard shortcuts and support for GIF format.
  • Files : In updated Files application, file search can be initiated just by start typing. Earlier an explicit Ctrl + F shortcut was required.
  • Parental Control : There were some issues which was preventing Parental Controlling system from working. Those issues has been addressed and you can expect parental control system to work as expected.
  • Network Indicator : Icons used in network indicator has been updated to indicated correct status of connection in a more understandable way.
  • Application Menu : CJK input related issue associated with application menu is fixed. This issue was pending for a long time.
  • Other updated packages like Captive Network Assistant, Calculator, Terminal, Improved look & feel, bluetooth indicator and many more.

For a detailed change list and screenshtos, see original announcement made by elementary team on projects blog.