On November 7, 2023, the Fedora community marked a significant milestone by unveiling Fedora Linux 39, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the Fedora project’s inception. This latest release ushers in a host of exciting features and enhancements across various editions.

Fedora 39 featured image

Fedora 39 is available in the following flavors:

  • Fedora Workstation 39: Catering to desktop users, this edition introduces GNOME 45, known for its improved performance and usability. Expect enhancements like a new workspace switcher and an upgraded image viewer.
  • Fedora Server 39: Ideal for server applications, this version continues to provide reliable and robust server solutions.
  • Fedora IoT 39: Tailored for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, this edition is designed to meet the specific needs of IoT developers and enthusiasts.
  • Fedora Cloud 39: Fedora Cloud images are now officially available on Microsoft Azure, expanding the options for cloud-based computing alongside Google Cloud and AWS.
  • Fedora CoreOS “next” stream: This stream offers a preview of future developments in Fedora CoreOS, which serves as a reliable platform for running containerized applications.

Furthermore, Fedora caters to users with diverse preferences by offering alternative desktop environments. You can choose from desktop variants like KDE Plasma, Xfce, or Cinnamon through Fedora Linux Spins. Notably, the Budgie Special Interest Group (SIG) has crafted “Fedora Onyx,” a Budgie-based Atomic desktop, aligning with the spirit of Fedora Silverblue.

What is new in Fedora Linux 39?

In terms of what’s new in Fedora 39, it’s worth mentioning that some initially anticipated features, such as a faster version of the DNF package manager and a revamped Anaconda installation program, have been deferred to ensure their maturity. However, there are still exciting updates:

  • Fedora Cloud images are now available on Microsoft Azure, in addition to existing support for Google Cloud and AWS.

  • Significant updates in the GNU Toolchain, including GCC 13.2, binutils 2.40, glibc 2.38, and gdb 13.2, provide developers with cutting-edge tools while enhancing security and performance across the Fedora Linux user community.

  • Fedora 39 also includes the latest release of Inkscape, coincidentally born on the same day as Fedora, adding a creative touch to the Fedora experience.

For more details and in-depth information, you can explore the Fedora 39 release announcement on the project’s blog. Stay tuned for the latest Fedora Linux 39 and its myriad features!

Fedora 39 Workstation BETA screenshots

Fedora 39 Workstation (BETA) desktop tour

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