The feren OS team has kick started their activities in 2018 by launching an updated snapshot. This snapshot brings various updated packages, bug fixes and enhancements over the previous release.

The feren OS 2018.1 (Let me call it in that way) provides a smooth update path from previous release via update manager. A clear update path between releases is one among the objectives of ferenOS!.

Update Software Manager in feren OS 2018.1

Citing from release announcement, following are some of the notable highlights of feren OS 2018.1 comparing to its predecessor released in October 2017.

  • A new set of wallpapers called Unsplash Wallpaper Set. This includes several refreshing wallpapers. In addition to wallpapers provided in the default installation, you may also install feren-extra-background package to get more.
  • feren OS 2018.1 release is based on Linux Mint 18.3. So, it brings various package updates from base distribution. Software Manager (Mint) is one of the key highlights. It provides a modern UI to manage applications easily. It also provides support for Flatpak. In feren OS 2018.1, GNOME Software is replaced with Mint Software Manager.
  • Custom themer theme - feren OS 2018.1 will let you create and install your own custom theme. You can explore project’s repository to get started with creating your custom theme.
  • The themer tool is now integrated with Theme App, which is available in control center. This will help you to choose between various themes and layouts.

For more information on feren OS 2018.1 and future plans, you may refer official release announcement published in projects’ website.