Mr. EricBSD has announced the release of GhostBSD 20.04, the newest stable release of Desktop focused BSD project. This release fixes several issues reported in the previous releases and brings a set of updated packages and applications.

GhostBSD Preview

The main highlights of GhostBSD 20.04 are listed below.

  • Fixed ZFS forced 4k option on ZFS full disk installation
  • Added 4k to default when creating ZFS partition with the installer partition editor
  • Fixed pool cleanup when deleting ZFS partition with the installer partition editor
  • Replaced gnome-mount and hald with FreeBSD devd and Vermaden automount. This enables support for more filesystems and makes the operation more stable.
  • Fixed update manager weird loop
  • Fixed duplicate software repository config
  • Updated installer slide
  • Improved auto-create partition
  • Added boot loader option to disable syscons for AMD/Radeon GPUs, and boot mute
  • Changed NetworkMgr to set SYNCDHCP by default
  • Made Software Station progress bar more predominant
  • Changed config to configure X and boot directly to the desktop on the installation
  • Added ability to the installer to set hw.syscons.disable=1 if disable syscons is selected when booting livecd
  • Fixed ntpd service

For further details on GhostBSD 20.04, read the official release announcement.