The Kali Linux team has unveiled Kali Linux 2023.3. The new version of Kali Linux enhances the build infrastructure and brings updated tools.

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Important Updates since the May 2023.2

Enhanced Infrastructure: The foundation of Kali Linux has been refined. With Debian 12’s arrival, an overhaul of the infrastructure was set in motion. This ongoing project aims to simplify our systems and make them more efficient. Mirror Traces: A new addition,, provides useful insights for mirror administrators, aiding in issue resolution. Augmented Packaging Tools: Tools for managing packages have been upgraded to streamline the process and improve efficiency. The Arrival of Kali Autopilot: Meet the Kali Autopilot, a powerful automated attack framework. It’s like a trustworthy assistant for ethical hacking. New Tools: Alongside these changes, a host of fresh tools joins the Kali lineup. We now have Calico, cri-tools, Hubble, ImHex, kustomize, Rekono, rz-ghidra, unblob, and Villain. Additionally, the Kali kernel now stands at version 6.3.7. Enhancements in Kali NetHunter: Experience Kali NetHunter’s improved app and NetHunter Terminal, now compatible with even more devices. Advancements in Kali ARM: The Kali ARM ecosystem, including devices like Raspberry Pi and USBArmory, has been further refined. Progress in the Kali Website: The Kali documentation has been updated, while the homepage has been revamped for a smoother user experience.

For further details on Kali Linux 2023.3, read the official release announcement.

Download Kali Linux 2023.3

Kali Linux 2023.3 and all its variations are available in projects official download page.

Download Kali Linux 2023.3