The Korora team has started working on Korora 27, upcoming stable release of Fedora based GNU/Linux distribution providing additional plugins and addons to provide better user experience. Korora 27 will be known by the code name Marlin. This name follows tradition of Korora project by naming their releases with characters from Finding Nemo series.

Korora Preview Image

Korora team has already prepared a few experimental ISOs and has started working on layouts for various spins, and ISO testing is also in progress. Once everything is set, Korora 27 will be officially announced.

From official statement made by Korora team:

For our next release, Korora 27, we have decided that the codename will be “Marlin” which continues the tradition of having codenames based on characters from “Finding Nemo”. The development on Korora 27 is in full progress, this involves fixing the layouts on a couple of our spins and of course building and testing iso’s which is done by the team. Once we are satisfied and everything works as should the final iso’s will be build, tested and released. For the upcoming release we are using Canvas to build, maintain our ISO’s and much more. You can find blog post on Korora 27 published in Korora website.