The Linux Mint project has announced the release of Linux Mint 20.1 Xfce Edition. Linux Mint 20.1 is an incremental release in the Linux Mint 20.x series, based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. With the code name Ulyssa, Linux Mint 20.1 Xfce release brings all security updates and bugfixes from the upstream projects.

Hypnotix IPTV in Linux Mint 20.1 Hypnotix - An IPTV application introduced in Linux Mint 20.1 Xfce

The main highlights of Linux Mint 20.1 Xfce Edition are as follows.

  • Linux Mint 20.1 introduces a web app manager application. This web app manager helps create a launcher for websites and place it in the application menu as a regular desktop application.
  • Linux Mint 20.1 introduces Hypnotics, an application that enables free live streaming of TV channels.
  • Improved printing and scanning support.
  • linux-firmware 1.187 and the Linux kernel 5.4.

For further reading on Linux Mint 20.1 Xfce, see the projects official blog.

Linux Mint 20.1 Xfce Edition screenshots & preview video

Video Preview

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