On 20th March 2020, the Linux Mint team has announced the release of LMDE 4.0 with code name Debbie. LMDE (abbreviation for Linux Mint Debian Edition) is an experimental project to ensure the Linux Mint project can continue even if Ubuntu disappears one day. This project also ensures the packages and user experience of Linux Mint distributions can exist outside the Ubuntu eco-system also.

LMDE 4.0 Preview

LMDE 4.0 Debbie is based on the Debian 10.x Buster branch. In addition to all packages from Buster, LMDE 4.0 uses some backport repositories to provide a set of latest packages and tools. The main highlights in LMDE 4.0 are briefed below.

  • Automated partitioning with support for LVM and full-disk encryption
  • Home directory encryption
  • Support for automated installation of NVIDIA drivers
  • NVMe support
  • SecureBoot support
  • Btrfs subvolumes support
  • Revamped installer
  • Automatic installation of microcode packages
  • Automatic resolution bump for the live session to a minimum of 1024×768 in Virtualbox.
  • Linux Mint 19.3 improvements (HDT, Boot-repair, System reports, language settings, HiDPI and artwork improvements, new boot menus, Celluloid, Gnote, Drawing, Cinnamon 4.4, XApp status icons…etc)
  • APT recommends enabled by default
  • Removed deb-multimedia repository and packages
  • Debian 10 Buster package base with backports repository

For more information on LMDE 4.0, check out the official release announcement published on the Linux Mint blog.

Download LMDE 4.0 Upgrade from LMDE 3.0 to 4.0

Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) 4.0 screenshots

Video Preview

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