The Mauna Linux 24 has been officially released, introducing a host of new features and crucial enhancements. This iteration signifies a transition to Debian Bookworm as its foundation and incorporates a Long-Term Support (LTS) Kernel, guaranteeing heightened security, bug resolution, and unparalleled system stability.

Mauna Linux 24 featured image

What’s New in Mauna Linux 24?

New GTK-Based Installer

Mauna Linux 24 debuts an installer based on GTK, offering a streamlined installation, update, and configuration process for both PC and Notebook users.

Mauna Linux App Store

Intuitive App Store Experience

The redesigned Mauna Linux App Store, inspired by the Linux Mint Software Manager, presents an intuitive interface for seamless installation and removal of applications. It accommodates both Flatpak mode and traditional “deb” packages.

Mauna Update

Graphical Application Updater - Mauna Update

Bid farewell to intricate Terminal commands with Mauna Update, simplifying and managing all system updates. Efficiently handle residual applications lingering in the cache post-deletion or updates.

About Mauna

“About Mauna” App

Obtain essential information regarding your machine’s computer and network with the “About Mauna” app.

Welcome Screen

Welcome Screen for New Users

Novice users are greeted with an informative Welcome Screen, furnishing a concise introduction and essential post-installation steps.

Other updates

  • Linux Kernel 6.1 LTS: Ensuring absolute stability at the core, mitigating the risk of system instability during future updates.
  • Firefox Browser (v119.0.1): Experience the latest Firefox version with numerous enhancements.
  • Desktop Environments: Cinnamon (v5.6.8), LXQt (v1.2.0), MATE (v1.26) provide diverse desktop experiences.
  • Mesa Drivers (v22.3.6): Guaranteeing optimal graphics performance.
  • Application Manager (v8.3.1): Seamlessly manage installed applications.

Excluded Applications: Mauna Linux 24 omits certain applications present in previous versions, such as Mauna Image Writer, Mauna USB Formatter, Simple Screen Recorder, Github Desktop, and more.

Download Mauna Linux 24

Mauna Linux 24 is now available for download on the official website via this link. Immediate upgrading is recommended to experience heightened stability and user-friendly features!

Download Mauna Linux 24