The Mauna Linux team has announced the release of Mauna Linux 24.2. In addition to the usual updates, Mauna Linux 24.2 brings Cinnamon 6.0 and a Christian Edition.

Mauna Linux 24.2 featured image

Cinnamon 6.0:

The star of the show, Cinnamon, receives a significant upgrade to version 6.0. This brings a host of new features catering to desktop aficionados. Highlights include:

  • Desktop Enhancements: Enjoy a refined user experience with rounded artist song name labels in the sound applet, resizable menu editor windows, and support for AVIF file format in desktop backgrounds.
  • Nemo Improvements: Experience smoother navigation with various fixes addressing style issues and memory leaks.

Wayland Support:

Mauna Linux 24.2 ventures into the realm of Wayland, offering experimental support across select components like Cinnamon and Muffin Window Manager. Note that the screensaver feature remains disabled in Wayland sessions.

Mauna Christian Edition:

For the devout, Mauna Linux 24.2 introduces the Christian Edition featuring the Cinnamon desktop and tailored modifications for Churches and Christian users. This edition includes specialized applications like Xiphos for Bible study, FreeShow for presentations, DNS Changer for secure internet browsing, Host Minder for website blocking, and a collection of beautiful Christian-themed wallpapers.

Calamares Update:

Calamares, the installer for Mauna Linux, sees a crucial update. Despite previous announcements, the BTRFS function has been temporarily removed due to installation issues. Users can now only utilize the EXT3 file system for installations.

Mauna Power Manager:

A new addition to the Mauna ecosystem, the Power Manager, offers simplified power management functionalities. Highlights include profile switching between Performance and energy-saving modes, automatic profile adjustments based on the power source, and the flexibility to use custom services.

Under the Hood Updates:

  • Software Updates: Firefox 125.0.2, Kernel 6.1.85, OnlyOffice 8.0.0, and Firmware 2024.03.12 headline the software updates in Mauna Linux 24.2.
  • Desktop Environments: Alongside Cinnamon 6.0, Mauna Linux 24.2 ships with LXQt Desktop 1.2.0 and MATE Desktop 1.26, offering users a diverse range of desktop experiences.
  • System Tools: Stay up-to-date effortlessly with the latest versions of Mauna Update (1.0.6) and Mauna About (1.0.5).

Download Mauna Linux 24.2:

Excited to try out the latest version? Mauna Linux 24.2 is now available for download from the official website. Click here to grab your copy and embark on a seamless computing journey with Mauna Linux!

Experience the power of Mauna Linux 24.2 today – where innovation meets usability, tailored to your needs.