The MX Linux team has announced the release of MX-21 Wildflower with the Debian 11 Foundation. The MX-21 release brings all updated packages from the Debian 11 Bullseye branch and includes MX-specific improvements. This release includes Xfce, KDE Plasma, and Fluxbox installation images.

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What’s new in MX-21 Wildflower

The following section briefly explains the noteworthy highlights in the MX-21 release.

  • Inherits from the Debian 11 “bullseye” series
  • New and updated applications.
  • New installer partition selection/management area with some lvm support.
  • Introduces new UEFI live system boot menus. UEFI live users can now select your live boot options (persistence, etc…) from the boot menu and submenus rather than using the previous console menus.
  • Xfce 4.16
  • Plasma 5.20
  • fluxbox 1.3.7 with mx-fluxbox 3.0 configs
  • User password (sudo) for admin tasks by default. Users can switch this in mx-tweak->Other tab.
  • Introduce MX-Tour to show an overview of each desktop environment
  • MX-Comfort default theming, including dark variants and “thick border” Xfwm variants.
  • Mesa vulkan drivers are installed by default
  • Better support for realtek wifi
  • Several customization scripts in the Fluxbox flavor.

For further reading, see the MX-21 Wildflower’s official release announcement.

Download MX-21 Wildflower

MX-21 Wildflower Xfce (32 BIT) MX-21 Wildflower Xfce (64 BIT) MX-21 Wildflower Plasma (64 BIT) MX-21 Wildflower Fluxbox (32 BIT) MX-21 Wildflower Fluxbox (64 BIT) MX-21 Wildflower(All download options)

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