On 29th August 2022, the MX Linux team has announced the release of MX-21.2 Wildflower. MX-21.2 is the second refresh release in MX-21 series. It includes all bug fixes, kernel updates and enhancements from the Debian Bullseye repos since the initial MX-21 release. MX-21.2 is available in Xfce, KDE and Fluxbox flavors.

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What’s new in MX-21.2 Wildflower

Following are the noteworthy features in MX-21.2 release.

  • Inherits from the Debian 11.4 “Bullseye”
  • New and updated applications.
  • Bug fixes and enhancements on mx-installer
  • mx-tweaks introduces option to toggle bluetooth, and to move the action buttons in Gtk windows to the bottom & top.
  • fluxbox gets a new mxfb-look tool to save and restore theme combinations.
  • mx-updater/apt-notifier has option to use nala as the backend (see .conf file in /usr/share/apt-notifier for information)
  • mx-cleanup includes kernel cleaning tool.
  • uefi management tool added to mx-boot-options
  • new automatic PC shutdown option for mx-snapshot
  • new gui wrapper for quick-system-info to generate system
  • Linux Kernel 5.10

For further reading, see the MX-21.2 Wildflower’s official release announcement.

Download MX-21.2 Wildflower

MX-21.2 Wildflower Xfce (32 BIT) MX-21.2 Wildflower Xfce (64 BIT) MX-21.2 Wildflower Plasma (64 BIT) MX-21.2 Wildflower Fluxbox (32 BIT) MX-21.2 Wildflower Fluxbox (64 BIT) MX-21.2 Wildflower(All download options)

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