MX Linux, the top-ranked distribution as per DistroWatch ranking, has released MX-23.1 - the first incremental update in MX-23 series. The MX-23.1 release brings all updated packages from Debian 12 Bookworm repositories. It also includes Kernel updates and bug fixes after the initial release.

MX-23.1 featured image

What is new in MX-23.1?

  • All package updates from Debian 12.2 point release.
  • installer updates addressing swapfile, hibernation, and OEM install improvements
  • KDE release features an updated SDDM init script that eliminates the “restart” of SDDM on sysVinit boot
  • AHS Xfce release features the 6.5 kernel, updated firmware, and mesa libraries.
  • Fluxbox has a new keybinding reference script displaying default hotkeys.
  • Linux Kernel 6.1 in Xfce and Fluxbox spins.

For further information on the MX-23.1 release, see the official release announcement on the projects website.

Download MX-23.1

Xfce Desktop

Downloas MX-23.1 32 bit Xfce ISO

Downloas MX-23.1 64 bit Xfce ISO

KDE/Plasma Desktop

Downloas MX-23.1 64 bit Plasma ISO


Downloas MX-23.1 32 bit Fluxbox ISO

Downloas MX-23.1 64 bit Fluxbox ISO

MX-23 Xfce flavor screenshots

MX 23 Xfce Desktop Tour

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