The Neptune OS team has announced the release of Neptune OS 7.5 with the code name Ada. Neptune OS 7.5 is the latest stable release from the Debian based GNU/Linux distribution project offering recent Linux Kernel and every day life applications.

Neptune OS 7.5 featured image Neptune OS application menu - (From our archives)

Neptune 7.5 is the first service release in Neptune 7.x series, and offers all updates as in the Debian 11.4 Bullseye release.

The salient features of Neptune OS 7.5 are as follows,

  • Introducing Timeshift - for creating and restoring system snapshots.
  • Includes airline theme to vim to provide a more consistent experience together with the powerline terminal theme.
  • Chromium 104
  • Thunderbird 91.12
  • VLC 3.0.17
  • neptune-sysctl-config with better settings for faster write speeds on USB thumb drives & slightly better system performance
  • Linux Kernel 5.18.2 (Debian Backports Upstream)
  • Persistent creator 2.0 (CLI Only & Beta – only creates a persistence partition on USB thumb drives)

For further information on Neptune OS 7.5, read the official release announcement in the project’s website.

Download Neptune OS 7.5 Ada

You can download Neptune OS 7.5 installation images from the projects download page. Download Neptune OS 7.5 ISO Neptune OS 7.5 - Full download options