The openSUSE release team has announced the release of openSUSE Leap 15.2, the latest stable version of community-driven, conservative enterprise quality operating system powered with the robust technologies from SUSE Enterprise Linux (SEL).

OpenSUE Leap 15.2 Preview File Picture of OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Xfce Edition

OpenSUSE Leap 15.2 is coming with a lot of exciting improvements. The main focus of this distribution is on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and container-specific packages. In addition to these, openSUSE Leap 15.2 also brings other latest stable updates from various upstream projects.

The main highlights of openSUSE Leap 15.2 are summarized below. For more detailed reading, please checkout openSUSE Leap 15.2 official release announcement.

  • Improved artificial intelligence, machine learning support with the populate frameworks included in core repositories. These frameworks include Tensorflow, PyTorch, ONNX, Grafana, and Prometheus.
  • Provision to use a real-time Kernel
  • Better provision to develop, ship, and deploy containerized applications.
  • Installer improves the ability to detect MS Windows partitions encrypted with BitLocker and better management of storage devices for Raspberry Pi.
  • Ability to execute on top of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).
  • KDE Plasma 5.18
  • GNOME 3.34
  • Xfce 4.14
  • & more advanced technologies.

OpenSUSE Leap 15.2 screenshots