The Pardus community has announced the release of Pardus 21.0 with the code name Dolunay(Full moon). Pardus 21.0 is the latest stable release of Debian-based, Turkish GNU/Linux distribution targeting educational institutions and government agencies.

Pardus 21.0 featured

What’s new in Pardus 21.0?

  • Xfce 4.16 is the default desktop environment in use in Pardius 21.0. With the Xfce Desktop, Pardus provides a pleasant user experience and stays lighter with the resources.
  • Pardus 21.0 also includes a GNOME flavor which comes with a full-fledged, modern workflow for a smoother and better user experience.
  • With the PXE boot feature from the Debian foundation, Pardus 21.0 can offer multiple installations with specific customizations. This feature will be useful for installing in educational institutions and government offices.
  • Linux Kernel 5.10 LTS
  • Firefox 78.13
  • VLC 3.0.16
  • Thunderbird 78.13
  • LibreOffice 7.0
  • OpenJDK 17 JRE

Download Pardus 21.0 Xfce Download Pardus 21.0 GNOME

For further information, read the Pardus 21.0 release notes(Turkish) in the projects website.

Video Preview

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