The Pardus project has announced the release of Pardus 21.4 Education Edition. Pardus is a Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution project backed by the Türkiye government. The main objective of the Pardus project is to enhance the software capabilities of Türkiye and to reduce foreign dependency. Pardus 21.4 Educational Edition includes a set of educational and other essential tools required for day-to-day computing needs.

Pardus 21.4 Education featured image

Pardus 21.4 Educational Edition inhertis from the Pardus 21.4 GNOME, is published by the Ministry of Education. The Pardus 21.4 Educational Edition is for schools and computer laboratories affiliated to the Ministry of Education.

With this new version, our students and teachers will be able to use our Pardus 21.4 Education version on their desktop and laptop computers while using the Pardus ETAP version on interactive whiteboards. - From official release announcement

For further reading, you may see the Pardus 21.4 Education Edition release announcement on project’s website.

Download Pardus 21.4 Education Edition

You can download Pardus 21.4 Education Edition from projects official website. Download Pardus 21.4 Education Edition

Pardus 21.4 Education Edition screenshots

Courtesy: Pardus Project

Pardus 21.4 Desktop Tour

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