The Q4OS team has announced the release of Q4OS 3.10, a major update in the Q4OS 3 Centaurus series. This release includes numerous improvements and updates, and also the bug fixes from Debian 10.x Buster series.

Q4OS Preview - File Picture

The main highlights in Q4OS 3.10 release are briefed below.

  • Q4OS Trinity and Plasma Editions are more independent now. The Plasma Edition no more depends on components from Trinity Edition. This helps to reduce the ISO size significantly.
  • All the updates from Debian Buster 10.2 series.
  • Introduces a system reporting tool in both Plasma & Trinity Editions.
  • Improved screen scaling tool in Trinity Desktop.
  • Plasma Debonaire is more polished now, with a darker shade.

You can read more about the changes in Q4OS 3.10 in the official changelog.

The current users of Q4OS can update their system with regular system update operations, while the new users have to install the system using fresh installation media.

Q4OS 3.10 Plasma Edition screenshots

Video Preview

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