Q4OS is ought to be a powerful operating system providing a rock solid user experience with Trinity Desktop environment. Trinity Desktop environment, initially forked from KDE 3.x has shown its ability to work as a stable, reliable and familiar ecosystem for most of the users.

Q4OS includes some unique utilities and features. This includes the ‘Desktop profiler’ for profiling your computer into different professional working tools, ‘Setup utility’ for the smooth installation of third-party applications, a ‘Welcome Screen’ with several integrated shortcuts to make system configuration easier for novice users, KDE5, XFCE, LXQT, Cinnamon and LXDE alternative desktop environments options and many more.

Q4OS is designed to work seamlessly on the latest laptops and desktops as well as older computers, supports a range of different hardware. There is a native lightweight wireless networks manager integrated and many drivers and firmware received from the famous Debian base.

Type Linux
Status Active
Home Page https://q4os.org/
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