The Q4OS team has announced the availability of Q4OS 5.2 ‘Aquarius’ offering a stable and efficient operating system suitable for both production environments and personal use. With its long-term support (LTS) status, Q4OS Aquarius will receive security patches and software updates for at least five years. Based on Debian Bookworm 12 and featuring Plasma 5.27.5 (with an optional Trinity 14.1.1 desktop environment), Q4OS Aquarius is designed for 64-bit/x64 computers, while a 32-bit/i686pae edition for older systems will be released shortly. Plans are also underway to make Aquarius available for ARM devices.

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Lightweight and Reliable Debian-Based OS:

Q4OS Aquarius is a Debian-based operating system that aims to provide a stable and lightweight user experience. Leveraging unique Q4OS tools, this OS offers added value to its users. The default appearance retains the Debian stock Plasma desktop, but users who prefer the Q4OS brand can easily switch to the Q4OS dedicated Debonaire theme in system settings. Additionally, the exclusive Desktop Profiler tool allows users to create custom profiles, enabling easy installation and configuration of pre-defined sets of applications and packages.

Coexistence of Plasma and Trinity Desktops:

Q4OS ensures that users can install and use both the advanced Plasma and efficient Trinity desktop environments side by side without any conflicts. Whether you require the feature-rich Plasma or the resource-friendly Trinity, you can seamlessly switch between them. Plasma is set as the default option, catering to the preferences of most users.

Focus on Stability:

Stability is a primary goal for Q4OS. Whether you’re a company or an individual, Q4OS aims to deliver a reliable operating system. Once installed and configured, Q4OS Aquarius will function smoothly, receiving necessary security fixes and updates. To maintain stability, the integration of new features into the core system will be limited to exceptional cases. Thorough testing and careful consideration of consequences will be conducted before implementing any such changes.

Forever Free

Q4OS is committed to remaining a free operating system accessible to all. You can enjoy the benefits of Q4OS Aquarius without any charges. Visit the Downloads section on the Q4OS website to obtain the installation media images and start experiencing this reliable operating system.

Download Q4OS 5.2 Aquarius

Q4OS 5.2 Aquarius is available for download from the projects official website.

Download Q4OS 5.2 Aquarius Plasma Download Q4OS 5.2 Aquarius Trinity


Q4OS 5.2 ‘Aquarius’ is a stable and lightweight Debian-based operating system offering long-term support and security updates for at least five years. With its unique Q4OS tools and the ability to switch between Plasma and Trinity desktop environments, Q4OS Aquarius provides flexibility and ease of use. Enjoy the reliability and benefits of this operating system, available for free download from the Q4OS website’s Downloads section.

Q4OS 5.2 Plasma screenshots

Video Preview

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