The SparkyLinux team has released SparkyLinux 5.9 Nibiru, an updated snapshot in projects 5.x series. This release is based on Debian 10 Buster and all the packages have been updated from the Debian repos as of 4th October 2019.

Sparky Linux Preview

As a quarterly update, there is nothing much to yell about Sparky’s 5.9 release. The noteworthy improvements are summarized below.

  • Linux Kernel 4.19.67 LTS
  • Improvement to the Sparky forums and official website. It is more mobile-friendly now.
  • Hungarian translation is finished for Sparky tools. Some of them are still not available in official repositories, however, they will be added shortly.

Sparky 5 is available in the following flavors:

  • amd64 & i686: LXQt, Xfce, MinimalGUI (Openbox) & MinimalCLI (text mode)
  • armhf: Openbox & CLI (text mode)

Also, read Sparky 5.9 release announcement in Sparky Website.

Sparky 2019.08 LXQt screenshots