In the OpenSourceFeed Gallery, we have a page that ranks the distributions based on page hit count each month. The page hit count is collected from Google Analytics using a python script.

The page hit rank indicates growing interest around each distribution and how we are doing for that particular distribution from the SEO perspective. It does not imply the overall quality of popularity of the distribution.

Top 5 distributions in 2021 based on Page Hit Rank

We are getting a relatively fewer number of hits for each distribution. If you wish to see a list with a broader audience, you may check out the DistroWatch page hit rank.

Our ranking is as given below.

1. Clover OS (472 Hits)

Clover OS is a performance-optimized Gentoo-based GNU/Linux distribution. It keeps all bloats away and provides a minimum platform for users to begin.

Clover OS provides a minimum desktop experience with a large number of packages available in the repositories.

Clover OS featured image

2. Zorin OS (219 Hits)

Zorin OS offers a familiar user experience for people migrating from other operating systems. The default look of Zorin OS resembles Windows.

There is a layout switcher available in Zorin with which it can be easily customized to look like different operating systems like Windows Classic, Windows Modern, Unity, macOS, and traditional.

Zorin offers a regular release and Lite release.

Zorin OS featured image

3. ROSA (138 Hits)

ROSA is a Russian GNU/Linux distribution with roots on old Mandriva Linux. There are different varieties of ROSA targeting home, enterprise, and professional users.

ROSA Linux featured image

4. Solus (91 Hits)

Solus is an independent GNU/Linux distribution targeting desktop users. With a fined tuned Linux Kernel and curated application in the Software Manager - Solus offers a smooth experience in laptops and desktop systems.

Solus featured image

5. Sparky (83 Hits)

Sparky Linux is a Debian derivative offering ready-to-use out-of-the-box experience. It comes with a slightly customized version of different desktop environments.

The Sparky semi-rolling line inherits from the Debian testing and offers a rolling-like experience.

Sparky Linux featured image