The ArchLabs team has announced the release of ArchLabs 2018.07. It is the latest stable release of Arch-based GNU/Linux distribution inspired by the design principles of Bunsenlabs. The main focus of this release on stability improvement, performance and usability improvements and other optimizations.

A preview of ArchLabs 2018.07 A preview of ArchLabs Linux 2018.07

One of the visible change with ArchLabs is the introduction of a brand new dark theme which works well the default light icon theme shipped with ArchLabs. Last week, ArchLabs team had shared some updates on with a discussion thread on ArchLabs forums.

Other main highlights in ArchLabs Linux 2018.07 includes,

  • The ArchLabs installer finally has it’s own name, presenting, AL-Installer. Originally forked from ABIF, it has been completely re-written for use with ArchLabs and only vaguely resembles the original product.
  • A lot of changes have been made to keep your install simple. Sorting of mirrors has been added as well as a page to create your user.
  • A brand new default theme, ArchLabs-dARK. This works nicely with the current icon theme, ArchLabs-Light.
  • New default wallpaper.
  • Aurman has replaced Yaourt as our AUR helper. This helper works nicely with Pacman.
  • Neofetch has been replaced quite some time ago with our lightweight homemade info script, AL-Info.
  • With the help from Oddproton and Karl Schneider, we have our very own dynamic wallpaper script (à la MacOS Mojave/Gnome) called Dynpaper. With custom walls created by the ever talented Karl. Dynpaper isn’t installed or enabled by default. If you’d like to get this up and running on your system, check out our thread at the forum.
  • Polybar has been updated to the latest version and has undergone a tidy up.
  • Vim and Ranger’s configs have been added and updated.

You can find the original ArchLabs 2018.07 release announcement in projects website.