Mr. ericbsd has released for GhostBSD. The GhostBSD 19.10 release brings some improvements on live-boot and fixes some issues related to UEFI boot.

GhostBSD Preview

As announced earlier, GhostBSD 19.09 was the last major release in this series. It marked the migration from the TrueOS CURRENT branch to the STABLE branch.

GhostBSD 19.10 is an incremental update on GhostBSD 19.09 and provides a direct update path. If you are already using the 19.09 release, a simple system update will be sufficient for you. GhostBSD 19.10 ISO is released to provide a smoother and easier installation experience to the beginners.

The main highlights in GhostBSD 19.10 are captured below.

  • Enabled UEFI multiboot installation for supported hardware.
  • Changed the ISO boot setup
  • Removed netmount services
  • Corrected the failure handling for the system update.
  • Rewrite the code to build the live iso, to fix the issue case by sysroot with EFI.
  • Added a folder named ghostbsd in EFI partition and add fallback in \EFI\BOOT

For the official release announcement for GhostBSD 19.10 and upgrade instructions, see GhostBSD blog.