SpiralLinux is a Linux distribution built on top of Debian GNU/Linux, aiming to provide a user-friendly and polished experience for everyday desktop use.

SpiralLinux offers a variety of desktop environments (Cinnamon, XFCE, Gnome, etc.) pre-configured for a smooth out-of-the-box experience. Unlike some Debian derivatives, SpiralLinux relies entirely on official Debian packages for updates and stability.

SpiralLinux is created by the author of GeckoLinux another GNU/Linux distribuiton with same objective, but based on openSUSE.

Key Features

  • Simple & User-Friendly: Designed for ease of use, avoiding the need for constant terminal commands.
  • Variety of Desktops: Choose your favorite desktop environment, all pre-configured for optimal use.
  • Based on Stable Debian: Leverage the reliability and vast package repository of Debian.
  • Always Up-to-Date: Easily upgrade your system using official Debian repositories.
  • Hardware Compatibility: Broad hardware support with pre-installed firmware.

Ideal for

  • Users new to Linux seeking a user-friendly Debian experience.
  • Existing Linux users who prefer pre-configured Debian environments.
  • Those who value a stable and reliable system with easy upgrades.

Type Linux
Status Active
Home Page https://spirallinux.github.io/
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