The Linux Mint team has announced the public availability of LMDE 6 with the code name Faye. LMDE is a flavor from the Linux Mint team that uses Debian instead of Ubuntu as its base. It is a business continuity plan for the Linux Mint - if they ever want to move away from Ubuntu.

LMDE 6 featured image

LMDE 6 inherits all packages from the Debian 12 Bookworm repositories. It offers same experience as the original Linux Mint flavors.

Unlike the main release, LMDE 6 is only avalilable with Cinnamon Desktop, while the other desktop environments are available from the official repositories.

How to get LMDE 6 Faye?

Linux Mint offers a smooth upgrade path from the LMDE 5 installation. The upgrade instructions are available in projects official repositories. How to upgrade from LMDE 5 to LMDE 6?

For downloading LMDE 6 as torrent - you may use the below link. Download LMDE 6 - TORRENT

For more download options and further details on LMDE 6, read the official release announcement.